Dates and Topics

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The meeting is located at the Banquet Room @ Donatelli's opens at 5:30 so people may gather and eat dinner, grab a beverage, and connect with one another prior to the meeting.

If you are an instructor planning on having students attend a meeting, please send us an email at, and let us know how many people you are planning to have attend. This helps us with planning the space for the meeting.

Wednesday March 15th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting
Multifactor Authentication with Johann Enquist

Credential theft is a perennial security problem both for both the enterprise and individuals. Utilizing multifactor authentication is one way to mitigate risk relating to credential management. We will discuss the many available types of multifactor authentication, barriers and drivers for adoption of MFA as well as some of the pitfalls of different MFA technologies. Also, I will give an example of deploying an LinOTP based solution as well as some use case examples. MFA all the things!

Additionally, we will discuss security news, job opportunities, upcoming events, and security news.
Wednesday April 26th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting
Mobile Security With Jake Bernier

This talk will introduce and cover common mobile application security flaws. This includes iOS and Android fundamentals, some common vulnerabilities, testing techniques, and how to fix these issues. We will also discuss both targeting mobile devices and using mobile devices as an attack platform.

Additionally, we will discuss security news, job opportunities, upcoming events.

Wednesday May 17th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting

Wednesday June 28th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting
Bro IDS with Johann Enquist.

Discussion centering around the uses of BroIDS, an impressive, flexible, and opensource network traffic analysis tool. BroIDS is used in many academic and scientific institutions to provide IDS services but its power comes from it's impressive scripting language BroScript. Demonstration focusing on use cases focusing around network forensics and general traffic analysis.

Do you even .pcap, Bro?

Additionally, we will discuss security news, job opportunities, upcoming events.