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The meeting is located at the Banquet Room @ Donatelli's opens at 5:30 so people may gather and eat dinner, grab a beverage, and connect with one another prior to the meeting.

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Thursday September 28th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting
Precursor Detection of Data Exfiltration: Best Practices and Mitigation with Jeremy Swenson

At present, there are very few proven tools and methodologies for reliable early detection of data exfiltration. Most organizations are likely to be breached in some way. Although there are many reliable indicators of compromise (IOCs), they are complex, constantly changing, and are not specific enough. They have not been credibly tied to precursors to data exfiltration in an effective way. On average, it takes an organization 99 days to discover network penetration and 201 days for data exfiltration to be discovered. The goal of this research is to 1) identify and 2) corroborate the precursors for 3) early mitigation of the next large complex data breach.

Additionally, we will discuss security news, job opportunities, upcoming events.
Wednesday October 18th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting
To Observe and Protect: Application Security and Big Data with John Bauer

Application Security is a lot more than Security Development Lifecycle(SDL), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) or Web Application Firewalls (WAF). Network and application visibility is required to identify applications and assets which require one or more of these controls. On every network there are external and internal application attack surfaces and they should all be scanned, observed, and protected whether it’s home grown, out of the box or embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT). These data points can be collected with active scanning, application and web log collection and passive observing with Splunk Stream

Additionally, we will discuss security news, job opportunities, upcoming events.

Wednesday November 15th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting

Wednesday December 13th, 2017     6:15PM - 9:30 Meeting
Building a home lab for fun and probably not profit with Johann Enquist

Looking to cut your teeth on new technology, play with old enterprise grade hardware, or get experience outside of your chosen IT specialty? Well, then a homelab is for you. We will discuss the pros and cons of lab design choices and I will be giving out some hardware to add to your collection or start you out on your home-lab-ing journey!

Additionally, we will discuss security news, job opportunities, upcoming events.